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Wacky’s book of stories!


· I’m a teacher at a preschool and I was discussing the five senses to the children.  I asked, “What do we do with our mouth?” One child said, “Taste.”  Then I asked one of the children named Sarah, “Sarah, what do we do with our nose?” Sarah shouted, “Pick it!”

· I took my 5-year old daughter for a bike ride around a local pond.  I pointed out some fish and told her it was a school of fish.  She asked, “Where is the teacher?”

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· A fox had been cutting across my 8-year old daughter Emma’s school yard for weeks, so all the kids watched for it.  One day after school, Emma told me, “Mommy, we found out the name of the fox today! It’s Steve.”  I asked her how they knew.  She replied, “We read it on the school wall.  It said, “Steve is a fox.”

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